Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This not having iternet at home is really starting to not work for me.   I am unable to blog or do anything else, therefor I have to find time while at a place that does have internet.    Why is it when I'm not around the internet I can think of lots of things to blog about, but when I sit down to blog I can't think of one thing to write about.  

With black Friday and Cyber Monday behind me I can honestly say I think the only people left to shop for are Matt's side.   They are NOT the easiest people to shop for.   I think for now I am shopped out. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

double dose

I'm sorry I didn't write yesterday but while most of you were sleeping I was up and standing in line out in the cold at Shopko.  Was it worth it...YES!!! I got my new camera.   Black Friday to me is like another holiday, but I have to admitt that yesterday was even more special to me. WHY?   Because my brother went with me for the first time.   He did really well.   He only got pissed at other people once and I have to say I would have been PO'ed too if some kept pushing a cart in to the back of my ankles.  None the less over all it was a great time spent with him.   I love the time we get to spend together like that.  I crashed about 2:30pm til 4:30pm then got up and went to town again and shopped alittle more with Matt. 

Today...LAZY morning until it was time to get ready and head to Doc's Harley Davidson of Shawano for the turkey blow up.  It was pretty neat.   The had like a HUGE paper mache turkey filled with wiffle balls of diffrent colors.   They started with a firework display and then lit the fuse for the turkey and then BOOOOMMM   it blew up and balls went flying.   If you were lucky enough to find one or a piece of one you cold redeem it for prizes.   After leaving there it was lunch time were I enjoyed the company of my family aswell as Matt's brother and sister-in-law at a yummy italian place, Luigis.   Night = movie night at dad and Joe's with my family.  

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and if you ventured out for BF I hope you got what you set out for.
Tomorrows agenda has yet to be set.   Its never boring around here.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to you.   I hope you take a small amount of time out of your busy day today to reflect on everything that your thankful for and how your life has been blessed in so many ways.  

I for one am thankful for my son, my dad, my brother, my SO, and many other family members.   I'm also thankful for my job.   I'm blessed to have a family that gets along so well with my SO's family and that we all get to be together under one roof today. 

Now that's that out of the way lets talk about another important thing that happens today...BLACK FRIDAY ADS!!!!!    I was lucky enough to get them already last night, but didn't get home until late so at 6:15 this morning I woke up and started looking at all 5lbs of them.   That's right 5 lbs. (I weighed them lol)   I'm not sure how I truly feel about them this year.  I haven't found to much.    : (

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and if your venturing out tomorrow, I hope you get what you set forth for.  

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A first for everything.

I have to admit that this is my first ever blog.   I've been reading and following a very good friends blog on here and have to admit that I thought maybe this would be a great way to get some feelings out that I won't neccesarly confess to my family.  So with out further ado.....

A little bit to start  you off... I was blessed with a wonderful baby boy in November of 2002 and married his father in September of 2003.  Our marriage was great at first but then became more of a challenge as years went on.   (I won't go in to details and bore you with that.)   In 2008 we agreed that it wold be best if we went our separate ways and both filled jointly for a divorce.  It was probably the best divorce a person could have, on both ends, I got the house and primary custody of our son.  He still gets to see our son every 3 full weekends a month. 

Shortly after my divorce was final I began seeing another guy.   He is great.  My son loves him dearly and he fits well with my family.   His family accepts me and my son like we have always been part of the family.

After my moms death my dad had some issues to deal with and sold the house here in WI and moved to AZ for the winters, he would come back in the summer and live with me and my son.   This past January he decided that he didn't want to be so far away from my brother, my son, and me so he packed up and moved back to WI.   He now lives in an apt. with my brother in the same town as me and helps me tremendously with my son.

Now that you kind of have an intro to my life over the past couple years lets talk about current day.

My SO now lives with me and my son.  He is a great help in the fact that he gets him off to school since I have to leave early for work and he also takes him to activities after school since I'm not home from work yet.   My blog title comes from my relationship with my SO also.   It seems to be the quote of our relationship and things come in do time....

I can't wait to write again tomorrow but for now I leave you with a thought.....whats your in do time?